Béa de Redvers was the daughter of Ambrose de Ripariis, and the previous incarnation of Abigail de Redvers. She and her brother, Gabriel, were the light of their father's life.

Béa was born in colonial India. Quiet, creative and imaginative, she felt closest to her father and brother. Her relationship with her social-climbing mother was often strained. When her parents divorced, Béa was deeply depressed. It was arranged that the children would join their father in England in two years, but World War I broke out.

To alleviate the pain of missing her father, Béa threw herself into her greatest passion: ballet. She moved to Europe after her father's death and became one of the leading ballerinas of her time.

Béa never recovered from the pain of her father's death and her greatest solace was Gabriel. Her engagement to marry the man she loved ended in bitter disappointment. Her health began to deteriorate during World War II, and she died alone at age 36 in a Paris hotel room.